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Murder and lottery scamming cases dominate Hanover Circuit Court

Published:Tuesday | November 8, 2016 | 12:28 PM

Lottery scamming and murder top the list of cases for trial in the Hanover Circuit Court.

The Michaelmas Term of the Hanover Circuit Court has opened with 49 cases listed for trial.

Crown Counsel Kerry Ann Gillies informed that lottery scamming and murder each accounted for 12 cases, representing half of the trial list.

Gillies further informed that of the 49 cases down for trial, 19 are new cases while 30 were traversed from the previous term.

Noting the high number of lottery scamming and murder cases in the small parish, presiding judge, Justice Georgiana Fraser, underscored that long gone are the days when there were 15 cases on a circuit court list, even for parishes such as Hanover.

Justice Fraser thanked the many jurors who had turned out and warned that excuses from jury duty would not be granted lightly.

The Hanover Circuit court will run for three weeks ending on November 25.