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Three US states vote on legalising ganja for recreational use

Published:Tuesday | November 8, 2016 | 11:33 AM
Chris Hughes, a.k.a "Cannabis Man," promotes a 'yes' vote for Amendment 2 on Monday in Fort Walton Beach, Florida with other supporters. If the amendment passes medical marijuana would become legal for individuals with specific debilitating diseases.

American electors in five states are today voting on whether marijuana should be legal for recreational use.

It is a decision that will be made by voters in California, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona and Nevada.

Voters will also decide whether it should be used for medical reasons in three other states.

Under federal law ganja is illegal in America, but it has grown in popularity over the years with the Gallup poll released in August showing that the number of adults who have smoked weed has nearly doubled in three years.

A 2014 National Survey on Drug Use also found that ganja is the number one illicit drug of choice for Americans.

Currently, it's legal to use marijuana for recreational purposes in four American states in the District of Columbia.

In 2012, Colorado and Washington voted for it and two years later, Alaska and Oregon did the same.

Medical marijuana is, however, legal in half of US states and is on the ballots in Montana, Florida and North Dakota today.