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Azan wary of heart attack if JLP wins Spalding division

Published:Wednesday | November 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM

If a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) councillor were to be elected on November 28 in the Spaldings division of the North West Clarendon constituency, he would be in for a rude awakening as People's National Party (PNP) Member of Parliament Richard Azan is already signalling that cooperation between himself and that councillor could be stifled.

According to Azan, he would not feel comfortable sitting across from a JLP-elected representative in the Spaldings division.

"You can just imagine me fi go siddung roun' one table wid a JLP councillor? Dem a come fi meet with me and dress up inna green shirt ... a heart attack yuh a gimmi," Azan told Comrades during a divisional meeting in the constituency on the weekend.

He said he could never allow the JLP to once again control the Clarendon municipal corporation.

The MP, who in 2007 sat as councillor for the Spaldings division in what was then the Clarendon Parish Council, has called for the police to investigate what he said was a suspicious information-collection instrument which he claimed was being circulated in the division by a JLP operative.

According to Azan, the supposed intended purpose of the document is to record farm work information, but voter details were also being collected.

The veteran Comrade, in his address to supporters, spared no criticism for the months-old JLP administration and its leader.

He said since the February 25 general election, Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the Labour Party have brought on more "poverty and suffer-ation" in the country.

Declared Azan: "You see sufferation all over the place. Yuh cyah buy rice ... cyah buy chicken back. Yuh remember when Andrew jump up and seh fish back? I want him to talk about that now because people cyah buy fish back."

In the meantime, Azan also told PNP supporters that Holness' official vehicle a 10-year-old BMW has been having mechanical issues in recent times because of "bad gas".

"Look how much bad gas come. The vehicle weh the prime minister a travel inna bruk down last week ... bruk down this week. A bad gas! Nobody [has] said anything," Azan said.