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Golden Grove primary now tech savvy

Published:Thursday | November 10, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanna Monteith


Students of the Golden Grove Primary and Infant School in St Thomas will now benefit from more technology-based lessons after years of being deprived of computers at the school.

The new development was made possible after 14 computers and keyboards, along with two processing units, were recently donated to the institution by Food For the Poor.

Principal Claudette Gilzene could hardly contain her excitement as she expressed how grateful she is for the devices.

"I'm ecstatic! Now we can finally get started in the EduFocal programme that we've heard so much about," she said.

EduFocal was recently listed as the largest online Grade Six Achievement Test content provider in Jamaica.

It combines study with play, and it's the first tool of its kind created for students at the primary and secondary levels in the Caribbean.

Students are able to benefit from friendly group interaction with their peers from other schools, and it assists them with subjects with which they have challenges.

Golden Grove Primary and Infant School is attended by students from surrounding rural communities such as Wheelerfield and Duckenfield.

According to Gilzene, most of the students have little or no exposure to computers and the Internet.

As such, she believes that the online social learning platform will greatly contribute to the teaching process at the school.


"From what I hear and see, it's a great GSAT tool, and we're trying to set it up as early as possible. The children are going to be so excited because it's a strategy that helps them. You know, it's just different from the usual charts and such," she explained.

The principal, who has been serving in the capacity since 2009, told Rural Xpress that the school has been without computers for the last four years.

"In the past, we offered computer literacy courses, but had to abandon it due the lack of a proper facilities. I believe our previous GSAT students suffered to some extent because of the lack of exposure, but I have high hopes for this set, thanks to Food For the Poor.

It will also be good for the teachers as they can now go on the computers and get ideas," she said, adding that she attended the institution as child and therefore has its best interests at heart.

The items were recently presented to the school at a hand-over ceremony and are estimated to value in excess of $380,000.