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Diary of the Ghetto Priest | Politics, morality and the US elections

Published:Friday | November 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Clinton and Trump

The liberal days of the 1970s onwards are dying.

The moral stances of political candidates have become a major concern for voters.

We have got to look at right and wrong, we must regard the laws of God and our Judaic-Christian tradition in the Old and the New Testament.

Hillary Clinton and the democrats had no regard for this; but only for the materially poor. On the other hand, it seemed that Trump regards Christianity, though he seems insensitive toward the plight of the poor.

The West is a Christian traditional culture. Christianity, in the forefront, affirms that family life, based on marriage between one man, one woman and their children, is the best foundation in forming family life in a civilised society. This is derived from the commandments of God. This is what brings about a stable society. Individualism does not bring about a concern for the community at large, but only what each person desires.

We are all members of the human family and we must conduct ourselves for the good of the whole. The law of God is written in the hearts of men.


Unnatural unions


We know in our hearts that it is unnatural for man and man to marry, for woman and woman to marry, for a man to change the sex given to him by God and for a woman to change her physical make-up given by God. That there can be an inclination emotionally and sexually toward one's own gender is without doubt. But we must learn to curb our desires, we must direct our minds and wills toward the opposite sex, or seek to control ourselves as part of our formation required by the Lord.This is the natural law given to us. The Democrats seem to espouse everyone and every religion and every inclination that individuals cry out for. It is liberal and democratic to the point of being lawless. It seems that modern Democrats do not consider the Judaic-Christian law which brings forth order, self- control, the concern for the society rather than one's own personal desires and, asceticism and holiness so valuable in spirituality and morality, which are major principles of the soul. This seems to veer away from the true sense of freedom to become true children of God.

What is most terrible is the Democrats push against the commandment 'Thou shall not kill' and their strong course for pro-choice in every moral issue, i.e., a call for immorality with each man or woman autonomously deciding on what is wrong or right; ego, selfishness, self-indulgence being the natural outcome, abortion and loose living the progressive and liberal stance.

There are a lot of questions that we must ask about Trump. Is he against minorities? Is he for liberal capitalism? Does he care about third-world nations and the poor?

But in my association with many Americans, they want to serve the poor, but also, they want a moral, civilised way of living. They believe that morality has been too long disregarded. Politicians and pseudo-intellectuals have laughed and scoffed at moralists, whether it be with regard to art, science, business, politics and even religion - as old-fashioned and irrelevant.


Embraced liberal secularism


Even in Jamaica, we have embraced a liberal secularism which embraces a body culture that is really unacceptable - beauty contests, semi-nudity in everyday dress, excessive stress on sexual subjects in the media, liberal behaviour between young boys and girls before marriage. Politics rather than issues and performance have infiltrated our country's leadership.

Hard work, deep thought, serious attention to problems, moral and spiritual education, the love of God and our neighbour are matters that our nation must address - all of these matters require that politics once again takes morality seriously. The law of God, not the law of man, is most valuable in building a civilised nation. And, certainly, Christianity and its moral and spiritual principles have brought us a foundation well laid, but which must now advance in structuring a nation crying out for justice and mercy.