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MAGGI makes a way for inner-city businesses

Published:Friday | November 11, 2016 | 12:00 AM

MAGGI, a product of Nestle Jamaica, has been known for helping to enhance the flavours of everyday Jamaican dishes, and through the Street Style Ambassador Programme, Maggi is now helping to enhance the lives of six micro-business owners based in inner-city communities across Kingston.

"The Maggi Street Style Ambassador programme has given us a real opportunity to connect directly with our consumers in a meaningful and fulfilling way. Through the programme, we are able to educate, uplift, and enhance our consumers' awareness of the brand and directly impact the way that they do business," said Wendy Robertson, NestlÈ's consumer marketing manager.

Through the programme, the Maggi brand engages its ambassadors in a series of activities to uplift, encourage and provide additional exposure in their communities.

Carrington Morgan, chief strategist at Carrington Direct Project Management Services and conceptualiser of the Street Style Ambassador Programme, stated: "The Street Style Ambassador Programme is the ideal empowerment facility as it creates a sustainable partnership between an established company and a community micro-business. The ambassadors become extensions of the company (such as Nestle), and represent the company's brand, Maggi, and their products within their circles of influence."

He further stated: "This is not a charitable initiative. It is a real business relationship where both parties play their roles towards profitability. If the ambassador succeeds, then the company succeeds. This is the foundation of a sustainable business partnership."


Cooking workshop


In addition to assisting with re-branding of the ambassadors' establishments, Maggi collaborated with each ambassador in hosting a cooking workshop in his or her respective communities. At this event, ambassadors were able to share with fellow residents their experience as a Maggi ambassador while showcasing preferred methods of creating nutritious and well-balanced meals during daily food preparation.

Other activities related to the Maggi Street Style Ambassador Programme include 'Meet and Greets' at the Nestle head office, where ambassadors are invited to prepare a signature dish and share with Nestle staff members; promotional 'Corna Cook-ups' at the ambassadors' place of operation, and a recently staged, 'Street-Style Cook Off' competition for cook shops and home cooks in the Fletcher's Land, Kingston, community.

Robertson further stated: "We are pleased with the development of the Street Style Ambassador Programme and look forward to adding new ambassadors as we expand the network across the island. Our ambassadors are already experts at preparing authentic Jamaican street-style dishes, and through this programme, Maggi is able to support them on their culinary journey as they further develop their skills and strengthen business operations and offerings within their communities."