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Lucas Musiq’s bet with God

Published:Saturday | November 12, 2016 | 12:50 AMshanique samules
Lucal Musiq is set to launch his debut album today under the title 'Not from Here'.
Lucal Musiq

“I was raised in a Christian home and I knew the ‘God way’ was the right way,” said Shacquille Wedderburn, a 22-year-old Gospel artiste known to many as Lucas Musiq.

Many of the country’s youth share a similar background as Lucas.

They were made to attend Sunday or Sabbath school religiously and encouraged to get baptised as early as 12 years old, the age that Jesus is believed to have taken the holy move.

But like Lucas, many were otherwise persuaded and faced with fear of what others may think of them if they didn’t participate in the frivolities of the world.

“Though my parents supported my music, they’ve always wanted me to do gospel but I didn't want to and I always told myself I wouldn’t because persons would laugh at me or I would lose my friends and the people who supported my music,” he shared.

Lucas told Family & Religion that though people of God had prophesied the same message over his life, he ignored them because he was enjoying the popularity and income he was making as a secular artiste.

But then they wouldn’t be prophesies if they didn’t come true, would they?

“The change began in 2015.  I was told by yet another prophet that by 2016 I would not be the same person I used to be and there is a fire in me for the youths; a different ministry but that I wouldn’t receive it until I got in line.

“While at a church service, a few men of God prayed and laid hands on me because that night I was very angry. I’ve been experiencing urges to change my life fully but another side of me told me I should continue doing the things of the world,” Lucas recounted.

He explained that after that night he made a bet with Jesus.

“ (That) If I’m to be a true Christian then let something happen to prevent me from performing at the three shows I had lined up for that week; and to tell you the truth, I didn’t attend any of those shows because I was taken off two and the other was postponed.

“I couldn't sleep after the week ended and I was reminded of the bet.  Then I had a dream that the world was ending and people were running around screaming. I shouted out in the dream begging God, telling Him I don’t want to be left behind until a bright light came down and was wrapped around and lifted me up. I woke up crying, my blood was running cold and I couldn’t move.

“I told my pastor, Courtney Morrison, who told me that someone had the same dream.

“I started reading the Bible and took it seriously until the worldly music and lifestyle was nothing to me again,” he said.

The now-rising gospel sensation who got baptised in July, says his life has gotten much better.

Lucas Musiq is set to launch his debut album today (Saturday) under the title ‘Not From Here’.

“People are being inspired by the step I took with my purity at age. Each minister has a different assignment to carry out and mine is to reach the youths of this generation, so many of which are lost,” he said.