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Steve Lyston | New wines and old skins

Published:Monday | November 14, 2016 | 12:20 AMSteve Lyston

When the Lord is going to bring change to a nation or a change of direction in any capacity, He pours out new oil, new wine, new grain and gives fresh bread.  (Joel 2: 19)

There are many things happening globally that are going contrary to what would bring true prosperity and peace.  But there are obstacles and hindrances, because God cannot pour ‘new wine’ on infrastructure and buildings, He pours out in human vessels.

When we are talking about ‘new wine’, it is not the literal wine – it is not physical.  We are in fact referring to a releasing from His Spirit into human vessels to renew minds, thoughts, ideologies and opinions.  A person cannot receive new wine unless there is a renewal of the mind.  (Romans 12).Your mind cannot/should not be in a box; you must possess the capacity to see beyond natural laws and principles of physics and embrace the fact that anything is possible, especially with God.

Why do you believe that there was such a shock wave when Donald Trump won the US Presidency?  It was prophesied. If a person’s mind is not renewed and they were focusing solely on the scientific polls and human logic, or they are depending on money alone to give them victory, then they are gearing themselves up for some shock and awe.  Interestingly, more is coming.

If you are an old wineskin – which has nothing to do with age, but with a mindset – then you are not going to be able to receive any change.  You will oppose and undermine every new move or change coming, that has the potential to benefit you.  That is why some organisations which are divesting, or merging, managers must make many redundant in order to make the change necessary for growth.  Oftentimes the staff complement is unwilling or unable to change their way of thinking or operation, and so they must go. 

Many times, political parties change, but if you change colours with the same mindset, you will get the same results.  Why do you believe that we can’t yet break the back of crime or get rid of ISIS?  The old mindset will not do it.

Do you realise that each time we pray for change, God always raises up someone that will bring the change?  Note well that the person that God raises up does not have to look like you, talk like you or write like you.

The parents of John the Baptist – Elizabeth, and Zachariah the High Priest – experienced many years of barrenness.  When God was about to experience the manifestation of their many prayers, God had to mute and deafen the father and high priest so that they would not even have the opportunity to abort what God was doing. God was birthing something that had no resemblance or even had the name of the father.  It was customary for the sons to be named after their fathers, but this uncommon child was not named after his father, nor did he function as a High Priest as his father did – he was different.

The ‘old wineskins’ would be equivalent to the ‘Pharisees.’  Recognise that the Pharisees could not and would not accept the new wine which was Jesus Christ.  They were more focused on ensuring that the rituals and traditions and culture remained intact, even at the expense of the people.

Old wineskins cannot deal with the truth.  Why do you believe so many young people are reluctant to ‘come to church?’  Why do we believe that solutions are not forthcoming?  Why are so many companies being divested when they could stand on their own with a new set of ideas and way of thinking?  Why do we keep borrowing from international lenders in order to follow other blueprints that don’t work for us, when we could develop our own blueprints for the nation?  We as a nation have everything before our eyes to move from poverty to prosperity.  Nobody wants to sacrifice and the nation has generally become lazy. 

New wine brings new attitude, new hope, new faith, new grace, new solutions and new ways to operate.  When God calls something new, the old becomes obsolete.  This is why many cannot comprehend forgiveness and the value of repentance. 

No marketing company would want to re-brand with the same packaging, especially if the product is new and improved.  This is why we need to look to and embrace the youths of our nation.  If you put the new in the framework of the old, then it will be disaster.