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#LocalGovtDebate: Flashback 2012... What they said then

Published:Wednesday | November 16, 2016 | 7:07 PM

Ahead of tonight’s local government debate, The Gleaner went to the archives to review the some of the utterances of the debates in the last face-off between the People’s National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

At that time the debaters were:

PNP: Brenda Ramsay, Noel Arscott, Angella Brown- Burke

JLP: Desmond McKenzie, Robert Montague, Milton Brown

Here’s what they had to say on some of the issues raised:

Local Government reform
Noel Arscott:
We will entrench local government. We will give recognition to the parish development committees so that we can give power to the people where it matters.
Desmond McKenzie: You cannot empower the people without first empowering the system because the system is at the mercy of the minister. The JLP has answered the call previously to provide stable, honest and sincere leadership at the local government level, we did so before and we are now ready willing and able to continue that process.

On Transparency
Desmond McKenzie:
The JLP has demonstrated that level of openness as it relates to transparency. Whatever it takes to ensure that local government is transparent, the JLP is committed to it and will be working feverishly to ensure that is done.
Angella Brown-Burke: If it is that we believe in transparency then let us act accordingly. I’m pleased to hear Mr. McKenzie saying that because it was the PNP councillors who brought a resolution to the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation to post information on the website for that very same transparency, and it was turned down.

Waste Management
Noel Arscott:
We intend to do separation of garbage and have a serious education campaign. We intend to look at the public-private partnership in the waste to energy programme.
Robert Montague: I am shocked and surprised that these practitioners are not aware that we operate two separate units for private collection and for public collection. Therefore don’t try to trick the public.

Markets management
Brenda Ramsay:
We must admit that the markets are not in the conditions that we would want our vendors and purchasers to be operating in. What we must do however, is to focus on how we can upgrade these particular facilities at the same time making them more efficient.
Milton Brown: We recognise that markets need to be attended to. We recognise that the design of the markets are such that the people do not want to occupy many of the markets, we intend to change that to make the markets friendlier.