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#LocalGovtDebate: 'Bitten by a mosquito? Don't vote PNP' ... The comment that got social media talking

Published:Thursday | November 17, 2016 | 1:26 AM
Kenisha Allen: Portmore, I am speaking to you, if a mosquito has ever bitten you in your life, do not vote for the PNP.

It's probably the most repeated comment following the first political debates and has also been making the rounds on social media: "Portmore, I am speaking to you, if a mosquito has ever bitten you in your life, do not vote for the PNP".

That was the plea of the Jamaica Labour Party's Spanish Town Councillor Kenisha Allen on Wednesday night as she attempted to take on the People's National Party over its performance in public health.

Her comment, which elicited laughter inside the studios of the Creative Production and Training Centre was in response to assertions from PNP representatives who credited their administration for improving solid waste management and drain cleaning.

"If a mosquito  has bitten you,  avoid the PNP because  you have consecutively supported them and what happened to you? Mosquito bite you left, right and centre," she said to increased snickering.

The PNP has been haunted by its poor handling of the outbreak of Chikungunya, a virus which is spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

IN PHOTO: Everton Fisher, Angella Brown Burke, Donovan Mitchell

The PNP's Everton Fisher, a representative of the Opposition party rejected Allen's statements, saying health should not be politicised.

"It is all so very sad that we seem to want to politicise health," he said.

"We cannot at this time in our nation's history be talking about JLP or PNP mosquito. The fact is we must clean up the garbage so as to let people live in a healthy environment."

The issue of garbage collection was a hotly debated subject.

Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie admitted that there is a pile up of garbage across the country because of inadequate trucks to transport.

But he announced that several new trucks should arrive in Jamaica by the end of February next year.