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The work of witnessing - Part 1

Published:Saturday | November 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Brendon Coleman, says all hope is not lost and one's true purpose after accepting Christ Jesus is to work for his mission.


It is no secret that a number of individuals who were on fire for Jesus have lost their zeal and have adapted to the ways of the world or have become nonchalant in service. But young preacher Brendon Coleman says all hope is not lost and one's true purpose after accepting Christ Jesus is to work for His mission, taking His word throughout the world.

"Today, so many of us are lost in the crowd. We can no longer identify ourselves as being Christians because we have taken ourselves from a place of distinction and we have blended in with everybody else."

Coleman continued as he delivered the message at a week of prayer meeting in the parish recently. "The work of the gospel is not limited to your house. It is not good enough to evangelise to those within your dwelling. The work of the gospel tells us that we leave from wherever it is comfortable to go even where it is uncomfortable."

He acknowledged that while Christ was on Earth, His method of ministry was, and remains, the blue print for the church's mission.

"Vital to Jesus' mission and steps we should follow in our evangelism includes mingling with the people, sympathising with the people, ministering to needs, wining their confidence, and bidding them to follow Jesus."

He further said: "Jesus was not contented in Heaven knowing that there were people on this earth who would have been lost. Those of you who have children know the pain felt when your child goes away for a holiday. You know they're going to come back, but the thought about them not being where you are for an extended period... . Now, think about an eternity, this is how Jesus felt knowing man had messed up."

He said that men should be zealous in their bid to help their brothers and sisters be saved.

"Many people would love to sit in their living rooms and be able to FedEx the gospel to our neighbours. we would love if we could just email them the message. But Christians can't be lazy people, and if you are lazy, God can't use you."

He mentioned also that as Christians and first humans, who are prone to sin, the Church must be looked upon as a place of healing and fortification.

"Some people say they can't come to church anymore because there are too many hypocrites and they gossip too much, but you see, if you are gossiper, a liar, or a thief, then church is the best place for you because you can't find healing in the dancehall, you can't find healing in the rum bar. the only place you can get it is where the doctor is."

He continued, "You aren't coming to see the other persons that are sick like you, and if you think you are not sick, then you are sick mentally. When we come to church, we come to see doctor Jesus. we can't look to the left or to the right. we should keep our eyes fixed on Him."

Next week, we look at exactly what Jesus requires of us.