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Manchester police to meet political candidates today

Published:Monday | November 21, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

With the local government election just a week away, Superintendent of Police for Manchester, Wayne Cameron, is appealing to all political candidates and campaign managers to seek the support of the police and be fully cooperative.

"I want you to feel free to call up on me, should you find yourself in a position where you feel there is any possible risk on you as a candidate," he said

Speaking at the signing of the political code of conduct for the parish last Friday, Cameron stated that the force is in a state of readiness for a smooth process.

"I'm opening up the organisation to your benefit should anything occur whilst you are out there in your campaigning [efforts], should anything thing arise; any form of information, any intelligence that you think would lead to any violent confrontation, any threat on your life, feel free to pass it on; and I urge you to do so quickly. We are prepared," he said.

Today, Cameron is expected to speak on the laws governing the election, the Representation of the Peoples Act, the Firearms Act, the Spirit Licence Act, the Road Traffic laws, the Riot Act and the Noise Abatement Act.

The superintendent further stated that while the police are being prepared to handle situations that may arise, there should be no distractions in the form of false alarms.

"There was a concern in at least one constituency that I have visited so far. [It involved] one group of supporters passing another group of supporters to get to the nomination centre. If you have these concerns, raise them early because it is our business to put security in place. We do not want any form of disorderly conduct. We do not want any confrontation among the voters, and we want no false alarms," Cameron said.