Thu | Jan 18, 2018

Court overturns new boundaries for Portmore mayoral election

Published:Tuesday | November 22, 2016 | 5:22 PM

Monday’s election for the mayor of Portmore will have to be held using the old electoral boundaries in Portmore following a victory by a Jamaica Labour Party candidate in the Supreme Court.

JLP caretaker for the Southborough Division, Lennox Hines, had been fighting to ensure that sections of Spanish Town such as Lakes Pen are not included in the Portmore Mayoral election.

Last year October, he got leave to go to the Court of Appeal with the matter and it ruled that the case should go back to the Supreme Court for trial.

The trial started last month and Hines' attorney, Shane Dalling, says the ruling was made today overturning the decision of the Local Government Minister to establish new boundaries.


Attorney, Shane Dalling

In seeking to bar the Local Government Minister from issuing the order ratifying boundary changes in the Portmore Municipality, Hines also sought to bar the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) from collecting and verifying signatures from electors in the municipality.

Hines contended, among other things, that the method being used by the ECJ to fix the boundary problems in Portmore was illegal.