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Policeman in shock after lucky escape

Published:Wednesday | November 23, 2016 | 12:00 AMOrantes Moore
A tree atop a police service vehicle.

A police officer in St Mary escaped with minor injuries after a tree smashed into the windscreen of the Mitsubishi pickup truck he was driving.

Following the incident, which took place Saturday afternoon on the main road in Broadgate, Corporal Kevin Green was taken to the local hospital in Annotto Bay and treated for injuries to his shoulder.

According to the officer in charge of Castleton Police Station, Sergeant Christopher Ward, the collision has traumatised Green and placed additional pressure on an already under-resourced station house.

Ward told The Gleaner that "Corporal Green was in Broadgate heading back to Castleton from Port Maria when he heard something coming down from the hill and as he tried to pass, a tree fell right on top of him, smashing the windscreen. He is suffering from pains to his shoulder and is still in a bit of shock because to have a huge tree trunk drop on to a moving vehicle is really very devastating."

Ward said that in the same community just eight days earlier, a boulder had rolled down a hill, killing 12-year-old Raheem Davey.

"I think the reason for [the land slippages] is the consistent rains we've been getting for the past three weeks, which has made the soil week," Ward said. Personally, since the incident with the boulder rolling down the hill, I've been very scared of driving along the Junction Road.

"This has really impacted us severely because our station has only one service vehicle and when it's down, we are disabled. Currently, I'm using my own vehicle to move around and ensure the peace is kept because while the vehicle is down. We're still doing what we have to do serve the people of Castleton.

"The bonnet and side of the vehicle is damaged, so it needs a little bodywork, but, hopefully, and as long as the windscreen is in the country, we should have it up and running in the next three working days."