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St Catherine man freed of wounding, complainant turns out to be wanted

Published:Thursday | November 24, 2016 | 5:35 PM

A wounding charge was today dropped against a St Catherine man after the court heard that the complainant was wanted and had failed to turn up on several occasions.

Mark Burke, a labourer of Bog Walk, St Catherine who was charged with unlawful wounding was freed when he appeared in the St Catherine Parish Court today.

Burke's Attorney Donovan Williams, told the court that his client has been attending court since 2014 but the complainant failed to show up each time.

It was then confirmed by the Clerk of Court that complainant Santigo Walker is wanted.

The matter was dismissed and the judge gave instructions for investigators to seek Walker.

It is alleged that in 2014 Burke caught Walker stealing apples from his property.

He allegedly tried to stop Walker who threw stones at him.

Walker then reported the matter to the police and told them that Burke cut him.

An investigation was launched and both men were charged with unlawful wounding.