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Church rallies to support Michelle

Published:Saturday | November 26, 2016 | 12:11 AMShanna kaye Monteih
Michelle Cumberland, 44-year-old single mother with her children.

Michelle Cumberland is a 44-year-old single mother of three who has faithfully been a member of the Mountain View New Testament Church of God.

Saints admit that she is always present at church as long as she is not very ill.

But, Michelle was born with the sickle cell disease and has over the years developed a coronary condition known as eschaemic heart disease, and is often affected by the complications associated with the illness.

She is now unable to work to support her children, the youngest of whom is a five-year-old girl.

Michelle's condition has worried her church family who have then decided to host a fundraising event to aid in paying for the surgery which, they say, she desperately needs.

"Her heart pulsates out of control, making it difficult for her to even help herself. She is unable to even sleep comfortably because she has to sit up to not experience this pulsation of her heart," said Dikoda Davis, a member of the church.

Davis told Family and Religion that the idea to have a fundraiser was born out of a discussion she and another member were having.

"I was having a conversation with my friend about Sis Michelle being in and out of the hospital and we figured we needed to do something to help her. So we went to our pastor about it," she shared.

Davis pointed out that the sick woman needs surgery immediately as she has been postponing the operation due to a lack of funding.

According to Davis: "It (the surgery) has been put off four times. The doctor had told her that she needs immediate surgery because her heart is expanding, but every time she gets a date, there are no funds to get it done. The first time was the latter part of 2014. In addition to the enlargement, there is a blockage in her heart that is causing her to get sick frequently."




Davis revealed that they hope to raise enough money to cover the cost for the surgery at the event and through other donations.

The fundraising event is set for tomorrow (Sunday) and will be done in the form of a Choirs in Praise and gospel concert.

As an act of charity various gospel acts such as Chozenn, Perpetual Sounds of Praise, Marq Johnson, Favor of God and Bredda Gav will be a part of the evening's proceedings.

Davis is also making a public appeal for help to those who may not be able to support the event.

Those wishing to make a contribution to Michelle's surgery may contact the Mountain View New Testament Church of God at 424-6205 or 569-7696.