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On a mission - Damion Walker to empower at-risk young men

Published:Saturday | November 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Damian Walker and his wife of over 21 years.
Damion Walker, who was recently ordained a licensed minister, is on a mission to empower at-risk young men.

Born and raised in Arnett Gardens, a community popularly known as Jungle, Damian Walker is a living testimony that 'good can come from Nazareth.'

He admits that, at an early age, he was exposed to vicious violence and severe poverty and was destined to a life of mediocrity.

Walker vividly remembers a time when his eldest brother (now deceased) brought him a 9 mm (gun), asking if he wanted a gun.

He says there were also instances where a particular gunman in the community tried to recruit him.

But according to Walker, he was more interested in girls than guns.

It was this interest that eventually led him to the Kingdom.

He said: "I was indulged in my insatiable lust for promiscuity that at age 16, I had six girlfriends, including a teacher. The irony is God used my pursuit for another girlfriend to grab my attention. It was a Saturday in June 1996 and my classmates and I decided to go to Devon House to scout out some girls. I met a young lady and started giving her my best lyrics. She patiently listened to my nonsense from Half-Way Tree to Devon House. However, when we reached there, she responded, 'I want to talk to you about Jesus'!"




From that day, approximately 21 years ago, Walker committed his life to Jesus Christ under a tree at Devon House and got baptised a few weeks later.

Damion told Family and Religion that at first, he was pleased that he graduated high school with two subjects as he was the only of his siblings to ever graduate.

But the man of God later realised that that wasn't enough. God wanted him to do better.

Today he is happily married to the woman of his dream, a wife he says makes him a better man.

They both attend the Olympic Way Apostolic Church of God of Prophecy and parent a baby boy.

"Despite being plucked from obscurity, graduating with only two CXCs, God has given me the ambition, mental fortitude and stick-to-itiveness. As such, I went to pursue additional CXCs. Later, I obtained a bachelor's degree in computer management from the University of Technology and a master's degree (with Honours) in theological studies from the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology. I have also successfully completed a certificate from the New Covenant Bible Institute," shared Walker.

The now 36-year-old who was recently ordained a licensed minister, is on a mission to empower at-risk young men.

According to him: "My testimony is primarily to encourage young men that God is able to deliver and keep them from all strata of life and that He is absolutely faithful and deserves trust and commitment.

"God is interested in the complete man. By that I mean, when God saves a man from sin, He delivers his soul from hell and also rescues his life from mediocrity. God has transformed my life and made me far more productive and progressive than I would have been without Him. What God has done for me and so many like me, is also available for all who will come and give Him an opportunity to transform his or her life. I have proven God to be faithful and unchangeable. He saves souls and transforms lives!"

Walker, who now fills the position of regional manager at the company where he works, testifies that God can take you from anywhere.

"Can anything good come from Jungle, a resounding YES! To God be all the glory!" Walker exclaimed.