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The work of witnessing - Part 2

Published:Saturday | November 26, 2016 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Brendon Coleman says all hope is not lost and one's true purpose after accepting Christ Jesus is to work for his mission.

Manchester, Jamaica

Last week, we highlighted the work of Christians in the field of witnessing and explored how Jesus carried out his evangelical work. This week, we will look at what exactly Jesus requires of us as servant leaders.

According to young preacher, Brendon Coleman, who presented a sermon recently during the Week of Prayer programme at a local church, witnessing is an ongoing act that begins officially once we accept Jesus.

"We are called for service and that is not just a three-day-of-the week appointment: that is a 24/7 ... appointment. Our service to God begins the same day we accepted Jesus Christ and decided that we would become followers for him."




He also mentioned the importance of meeting people at their level.

"Jesus understood people and He mingled with them. He had no preferences. As Christians, it is good to be around good people, but sometimes we must go to the people who are not good. However, it is good to go to places where we have control over the situation. Christianity is in the streets, workplaces, homes, schools and in our lives."

Coleman, in his presentation, referred to persons who fortify themselves with the Word and do not share it, as stagnant witnesses who should not be comfortable in such a position.

"It's like taking a car to a gas station, filling it up and leaving it there with no plan to drive it. We come to church, fill ourselves up with God's Word, but when we go through the doors we remain filled and we haven't impacted anybody."

He continued, "You come to church because your brethren can strengthen you, and that you can go out and strengthen others. It's not just about nice sermons and fellowship, but the underlining reason why we come to church every day is so that we are filled up with Jesus so we can share Him."




Coleman established that during witnessing, one must ensure that people are not only persuaded to follow God, but maintain a deep walk with Him.

"The church's role to is train and aspire members out of their pews and into the community. We are just the vessels used by God to transfer His message; to plant His message on people's heart.

"When we see people living a life of sin, it should cause us to feel sad to the point where we have compassion upon them. We must be concerned about everybody we come in contact with," he added.

Alluding to the methods used by Jesus, the young preacher believes that gaining an individual's confidence is one sure way of leading them to Christ.

"Jesus is not asking us to set a time to do kind acts. Jesus is saying whatever we do, it incorporates the needs of people. What Jesus is asking is nothing too hard, He's asking us to make the time, structure out activities, and anything that the Lord blesses must bear fruit."

He ended, "Let it be our prayer that we be spirit-filled men and women who make deliberate efforts, deliberate action to win souls for God's kingdom."