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Tech Times | Feeling Safe and Secure

Published:Monday | November 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM

These days you cannot put a price on security. Given the society we live, in each day we worry about a myriad of things that can happen to us, our love ones or our property. These thoughts can wear down even the strongest person, but there is hope. This week we have the SmartCam HD Pro by Samsung reviewing.

What is this thing?

This is the same question I asked myself when I first saw it in store. The SmartCam HD Pro is a security camera that has the ability to record video footage with sound at a 1080P resolution. It has the ability to capture video footage directly to Micro SD card, the cloud, or directly to your Smartphone. It also comes with built in Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port so you can access the camera footage remotely from the internet on your Smartphone.

What can it do?

The SmartCam HD Pro comes with a host of features to make your life simple and secure. Most security cameras record footage continuously and other record as soon as there is motion in front of the camera. Well, the SmartCam HD Pro has both these options and then some.

This device has the ability to start recording video when a sound is made in the room that it's in. It also has excellent visibility in low light conditions, and a really nice wide angle lens that allows the camera to capture footage of an entire room if you position it correctly. It also has the option to email you a notification if it sees any motion or hears any noise in the room it's in. You also get the option to talk through the camera's built-in speaker using your Smartphone. This means you can tell Joe Grind to get out your house from a safe and comfortable distance away from the whole event.

Is It Difficult to Setup?

On the plus side of things, the SmartCam HD Pro physically is light weight and very straight forward to mount and setup. The tricky part is to get the software side of things up and running. I really had some challenges in this department and it is mostly because of misinformation on Samsung part. The instructions in the box tells you to download a specific application to get everything working. Then half way in the setup process you'll realise that this is not going to work and Joe's getting a free pass today at my house. I had to do a little searching to find the next best option in setting up this security camera which is the SmartCam app that is not developed by Samsung. After getting this done and following the steps the set up was easily done.

Final Thought

Seriously I love the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro very much. The features this camera comes with makes it an easy choice for most persons looking for a indoor security camera solution. The products mentioned in this article were provided courtesy of Royale Computers and Accessories telephone#: 906-1067, 906-1068, and 754-5048.

Writer: Payton H. Wilmott