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'Beware of fake job offers'

Published:Friday | December 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Persons are being urged to take care in responding to advertised jobs as human traffickers are using this as a scheme to lure persons into exploitation.

According to manager of the Trafficking in Persons Secretariat, Keshia West, traffickers are using published advertisements to offer jobs that do not exist, and the public must be aware of the dangers that they might face if they respond to the ads.

He said that recently, a message went out via social media that a new hotel in the Cayman Islands was about to open and was in need of various workers, but when it was checked by the National Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons, it was found to be false.

"We see traffickers using different means of getting to unsuspecting victims," she told a recent forum, held at the Ridgemount United Church, in Mandeville, Manchester.

West told the gathering that persons who responded to the job offerings might have been asked to send money for hotel accommodation as obtaining funds is another ploy that is used in the scheme.


The Ministry of Justice official also urged community members to look out for persons who might have been trafficked and who reside among them. She said such persons are relieved of their possessions and are always anxious because of threats from their captors while they work in horrible conditions, sometimes as prostitutes.

She said that the Internet is another avenue that traffickers are using to attract persons, especially children, or young females. In recent times, 62 human-trafficking victims have been rescued, and there have been four convictions for the crime.