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Sandals saved my life, says Patrice Beckford

Published:Saturday | December 3, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanna Kaye Monteith
Patrice Beckford was named the Ultimate Team Member of the entire Sandals-ATL Group for the year 2015.

Patrice Beckford greatly admired her grandmother. In fact she admits that they had the relationship of a mother and child.

That's why when her dear Nanna passed away, Beckford felt like her life had been shattered to pieces.

"My mother was unemployed, so my grandmother was supporting me with school fee, food, pocket money and clothes. She was someone who believed in me and wanted the best for me.

"When she died, I felt my heart stop. I was shocked, hurt and confused as to why this was happening. I was depressed and lonely. I wanted to know why her," Beckford explained.

The depression almost consumed the Westmoreland girl, but she knew she couldn't stay down as her grandmother wanted the best for her.

"I made the decision to find a job and join the Sandals Hospitality Training Programme. I was hired right after completing the programme and I was able to support myself," she said, adding that it was God Himself who led her to programme.

Seven years later, the faithful woman is now named the Ultimate Team Member of the entire Sandals-ATL Group for the 2015, a prestigious award, which would, undoubtedly, make her late Nanna proud.

Ripe with gratitude and humility, an emotional Beckford says she believes that the 'company saved her life'.

According to her: "I joined Sandals at the lowest point in my life. I watched my entire support system crumble right before my eyes and I had to drop out of university. Sandals saved my life. There is just one person that I wish were here to see me receive this award."

Beckford told Family and Religion that she wants to dedicate the award to her grandmother, who she repeatedly refers to as her support system and drive.

"I wish she could be here to see this. That's my only regret," said a despondent yet grateful Beckford.

The 31-year-old, who recently received a transfer and is currently based at Beaches Turks and Caicos, says she found a family in Sandals and will continue to trust in the plans God has for her life.