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Zeco Brown : Reaching goals through DiverCity

Published:Thursday | December 8, 2016 | 12:11 AMTamara Bailey

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

What began as a kind gesture for Zeco Brown just under two years ago has now become an entrepreneurial venture with the potential of employing several individuals across Jamaica.

With his numerous trips from Mandeville to Kingston, Brown's routine involve transporting numerous bags of fresh produce and then sharing them with others, but upon the suggestion of a friend, he found a way to make this profitable for those unemployed and in need of an income.

"My friend suggested that instead of just giving away everything, I sell it at a much cheaper cost than what currently stands on the market. I took the recommendation and the rest has been history. The company's customer base has grown expeditiously and to be honest, the growth is almost too much to handle," said Brown.

The business called DiverCity, focuses on the distribution of fruits and vegetables within the Kingston areas with plans to also supply places such as Portmore, Old Harbour and Mandeville in the very near future.

"We sell fruits including, but, not limited to grapes, melons, cantaloupes, pineapples and oranges. In addition to this, we also deliver items at a time convenient to the customer each Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m." Brown explained

He told Rural Xpress that the business will help the Jamaican economy by providing jobs for young people who are unemployed and in need of an opportunity for professional development.

"In addition to this, we promote healthy lifestyles. We sell products that improve the health of persons. It has been proven that persons who eat healthy have less chances of developing diseases that will cut their life span," he said.

With a current team of five employees, Brown says the business will be rehiring and building a network of farmers and distributors across the island.

"When the company just started we had over 15 persons. However, we will be hiring again soon. We are currently changing some procedures to improve the productivity and sustainability of the business," Brown told Rural Xpress.

According to him, all deliveries are done on a Friday and persons can place their order online.