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Bamboo River residents issued eviction notices beg for chance to purchase land

Published:Friday | December 9, 2016 | 10:58 AM

Some residents of Bamboo River in Church Corner, Morant Bay, are pleading to be given a chance to purchase the lands on which they live after the owner attempted to have them evicted yesterday.

The residents say they had been living undisturbed on the land for years until the owner showed up in 2011 to announce he was planning to sell the property.

One resident, Tanesha Williams Geddes, says the owner offered the occupants first option of purchasing the parcels on which they were residing.

However, she says he changed his mind in 2014 and issued eviction notices.

She says residents went to court and were given various dates by which they should leave the property.

However, she says a bailiff showed up yesterday and started evicting people, although the deadline for some to move had not yet passed.


The police reportedly intervened and have told residents that the evictions will be halted temporarily.

Williams Geddes says more than 30 families live on the property.

She says some have erected businesses and concrete houses.

Williams Geddes says the residents want to be given a chance to buy the property on which they live.


Bamboo River resident, Tanesha Williams Geddes