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Father continues to grieve for his only son

Published:Saturday | December 10, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels
Alexander Turner, holding pictures of his son, Alex Turner, who was brutally murdered in April 2015.

One year and eight months after the death of his only son, Alexander Turner is still struggling with the real-time effects of the pain and sorrow of losing his pride and joy. Alex Turner was one of three students who were brutally murdered in April 2015 in a quadruple killing in the Raymonds Housing Scheme in Hayes, Clarendon, where the fourth person - an adult - was also murdered. Turner says he is torn apart by the incident and is growing even more weary and frustrated as the days drag on because the long-time high-profile case is yet to begin trial.

"A mi one boy, yuh know, man, and it tear me up inside fi know dem take him from me three days after his 16th birthday. He was my only son and we lived together for 11 years. Alex had shown so much promise and potential and now he is not here to achieve his dreams," said the obviously distraught Turner.

The quadruple murder rocked the island with strong condemnation coming from high and low places. The Child Development Agency, then Minister of Youth Lisa Hanna, as well as the former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, condemned the incident, labeling it as an attack on Jamaica's future. Turner, who has since been made redundant, says he still has hopes that justice will be served.


"Come January, I will be taking up the case in hand because I feel like I'm abandoning my child by letting this case go. The last time I went to court, it was turned over to Circuit (court) and the judge was waiting for the accused representative to come so the matter can proceed," Turner said, while admitting that he has not been able to successfully contact any of the investigating officers on the case for a while now and that is what has been contributing to his frustration.

"It hurtful and devastating! Even when it was time for graduation and I saw other children his age graduating, it tore me apart because I know my son would graduate too. But him gone from my life and this world. Not a day goes by that I don't remember him," said the lonely father, who is still hurting.

Alex always wanted to be a soldier and he joined the Cadet Corp at his school and did well. The cadet master had high commendations for him, lamenting that he was a very outstanding student. His teachers also praised him, noting that he had improved tremendously in his schoolwork right around the time he was killed.

"A just mi pride why me no cry sometimes, but I have a strong hope that I will get justice for my son. Mi miss him bad, even though I know he wouldn't have been with me all the time, but he would at least call to say 'Daddy, what's going on?'. It hurts even more when I watch the news and see other people his age die in the same or similar way. It tear me up man, it rough," he said.