Tue | Apr 24, 2018

NWC experiences challenges in northern, eastern parishes

Published:Sunday | December 11, 2016 | 3:58 PM

The National Water Commission (NWC) is advising its customers that the heavy rains in sections of St Ann and St Mary have present it with challenges at several locations.

The NWC says its systems in St Mary, the White River, Pleasant Hill, Rock Spring, and Palmetto Grove are currently being affected by high levels of turbidity, which have forced it to shutdown the facilities.

Areas affected: Industry Pen H/S, Endeavour, Three Hills, Charles Town, St Mary Country Club, Cascade, Fort George, Gray's Inn, sections of Annotto Bay, Baxter's Mountain, Rock Spring, Beecher Hill, Zion Hill, Flint River, Essex, sections of Richmond Hill and Palmetto Grove.

Meanwhile,  broken mains have disrupted regular water supply in Highgate, St Mary as well as Eltham in St Ann. Both repairs are expected to be completed by Monday, December 12. 

Communities affected include: Highgate, Richmond, Esher, Lewis Store, Frazerwood,Clonmel, Belfield, Stockholm Park H/S, Islington, Harewood Hall, Zion Hill and Robin's Bay.

In St Thomas, maintenance works continue at the Easington, Albion Heights and Airy Castle facilities which are impacted by mechanical problems.  Customers served by the plants are likely to experience low or no water conditions until full operations are restored.

The Bushy Park pumping station in Clarendon is also experiencing operational challenges, which are likely to cause delays beyond a 24-hour period.

The NWC will provide further updates on the progress of the repairs.