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Manchester woman commits suicide four days before wedding

Published:Tuesday | December 13, 2016 | 9:34 PM
Ingrid Grey was pronounced dead at hospital last night.

A 36-year-old mother of two girls has died after drinking a poisonous substance at her home in Newport, Manchester four days before her wedding.

Ingrid Grey was pronounced dead at hospital last night, hours after she was admitted in an unconscious state.

Grey had earlier dropped off her children at school, returned home and reportedly sent a text message to her 15-year-old daughter telling her to take care of herself and her eight-year-old sister.

The woman then called her fiance to tell him that she was not feeling well.

A friend close to her relatives said the fiance immediately called neighbours to go to the house to assist Grey.

That is when she was found on the floor inside the house beside a bottle containing gramoxone.

The woman was rushed to hospital where she had been receiving medical treatment, but died last night.

She is said to have been undergoing stress over financial issues.