Sun | Feb 18, 2018

Bail extended for cop who allegedly collected $6,000 for traffic violation

Published:Friday | December 16, 2016 | 3:34 PM

A St Ann-based policeman who is accused of collecting $6,000 from a motorist for a traffic violation will know his fate when he reappears in the St Catherine Parish Court on January 16 next year.

The policeman, Aydley Denton, was attached to the St Ann Traffic Department and stationed at the Moneague Police Station.

When Denton appeared before Parish Judge Tara Reid-Carr on Wednesday, he told the court that on the day in question, he had issued the complainant with a ticket for the traffic violation and recorded it in a book at the Moneague police station.

He said he was called several days later by a man he knew in Spanish Town who told him that he had received $6,000 for him along with a piece of paper.

Denton said the man had collected things for him before and that he thought nothing of the message.

He added that he even gave the man permission to use some of the money to fix his car tyre.

Denton said he was, therefore, shocked when he was charged with indirect solicitation.

His lawyer told the court that the investigators charged the wrong person as the middle man who became a witness for the Crown should have been charged instead of Denton.

The lawyer said his client did his lawful duty by issuing a ticket to the complainant and had no further contact with him.

Meanwhile, the Crown is contending that there were points in law to prove that the policeman must be held culpable.

The Crown led evidence that in October 2013, Denton was on duty on the border of St Ann and St Catherine when he issued a ticket to the complainant.

It is being contended that a few days after arrangements were made for the ticket to be returned and the $6,000 paid through a third party.

Denton’s bail was extended until next year when Judge Reid-Carr is expected to hand down her ruling.