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Women’s Resource and Outreach Centre wants action on gender-based violence

Published:Friday | December 16, 2016 | 9:23 AM

Jerome Reynolds, Acting Assistant News Editor – Radio

Outraged by the killing of women by their ex-lovers, the Women’s Resource and Outreach Centre is demanding a comprehensive response to gender-based violence.

Coordinator at the centre Nikeisha Sewell Lewis says the response mechanism should involve the state, civil society and the private sector.

There has been increased public debate about gender-based violence after two women were killed allegedly by their ex-boyfriends in one week.

At the same time, there have been three other cases of violent deaths of women in recent weeks.

Sewell Lewis contends that Jamaica’s patriarchal culture has socialised some men to have a false belief that they have the right to control women.

She says gender-based violence including rape, sexual harassment and incest, committed mainly against women and girls, seems almost normal in some communities.

According to Sewell Lewis, the relevant authorities should now take action and implement the necessary steps to eliminate the problem.


Coordinator at the Women’s Resource and Outreach Centre, Nikeisha Sewell Lewis

Yesterday, The Gleaner reported that it appears the Government will not deliver on its promise this year to review laws to punish more severely, the perpetrators of violence against women and children.

In July, Gender Affairs Minister Olivia Grange told the Lower House that a joint select committee was to be reconvened to review the Offences Against the Person Act, the Sexual Offences Act, the Child Care and Protection Act and the Domestic Violence Act.

But that is yet to happen.