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Camille Lewis – dedicating her time and energy to God

Published:Saturday | December 17, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanna-kaye Monteih
Almost 20 years ago, Camille Lewis gave her life to Christ.
Lewis, in front, with members of the ministry team.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

- St Matthew 6:33

Many are the testimonies of how God can turn around any situation and redirect the life of anyone: Whosoever will may come.

Camille Lewis' story stands squarely among those accounts of people who once thought that they could not be changed, "but God."

"I was a higgler; I used to buy and sell goods. I travelled back and forth to places like New York, Miami, Haiti, Venezuela, and so on, doing business.

"But then it so happened that things weren't going as planned anymore. I had two children to care for, a car to maintain, and rent and bills to pay," she began.

Lewis told Family and Religion that when the selling wasn't working out, she began to smuggle drugs inside her body as she tried to care for herself and her family.

According to her, it was a big risk she took to make ends meet.

Until one evening after packing up her goods which she still tried to sell, she visited a crusade at a church nearby.

It was on that night, almost 20 years ago, that Lewis gave her life to Christ.

But then things started to go haywire again.

"I went to the US on a free ticket because I used to be frequent flyer. I got a job, but I didn't feel so good about it because my spirit was saying I shouldn't work without a permit. But I went ahead and took the job anyways. I kept telling my employer that I won't be able to stay based on what was happening within my spirit, I was troubled.

"I came back home five months later, and even though the lady (employer) kept asking me to come back, I couldn't go because of my conviction.

"I went to Bible school; I went and did floral arrangements; I did drapery; I tried my hands at everything, but then things began to get bad again," Lewis expressed adding that a vehicle had run off the road, crashing into her car, writing it off for good.

The turn in events caused her to reconsider her refusal of the job abroad.

According to her: "My employer was still calling me, asking me to return, and the money was good so, I accepted again.


"The night before my flight, I went to a prayer meeting and a church sister prayed over me and said: 'Take the name of Jesus with you, child of sorrow and of woe' and I'll never forget that.

"When I went (to the US) they took me aside to question me and I told the truth. The address I was headed to is a very 'white' place. After I was questioned, they cancelled my visa. So there it was, I lost my car, my business and my visa."

Lewis told Family and Religion that she then decided to dedicate more of her time and energy to the Lord, therefore, she began volunteering at church, the hospital, prison and her community.

"I am now employed in a good job and I'm able to meet people every day. It's all about my ministry now. God really called me for a purpose. To the young women out there, take me as an example. I used to think that I need to work towards getting everything in life, like car and house, before turning to Christ, but it should be the other way around.

"You can trust God. He will never forsake you. I've proven him."