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Doctor's Advice | Am I too young to take the Pill?

Published:Saturday | December 17, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Q My mother says that I am too young to take the Pill. I am 18 years and six months old.

She knows that I am having sex with my fiance, but she thinks that I should postpone starting on the Pill until I am 21 or 22, when she says it will be safer for me.

A Well, by that time, you would probably have had a baby - maybe more than one!

I think that your mother is slightly mistaken about the question of Pill safety. In fact, the oral contraceptive is safe for very young women such as yourself. It is as a lady gets older that the dangers increase.

Could you persuade your mom to go with you to the doctor to discuss this matter? The doctor will check to ensure that you don't have any risk factors for the Pill, like high blood pressure or a history of clotting. I am sure he or she will explain to your mother that at age 18, the health dangers are slight and considerably less than the health dangers caused from pregnancy.

However, please remember that these days, there are around a dozen other methods of contraception that you could use. The important thing is to make sure that you are protected.

Q I am a 20-year-old girl and I am a virgin. The other night, my boyfriend and I came close to each other, and his penis became erect.

During the excitement, he rubbed his 'pre-cum' on my vaginal wall for five to six seconds. We were in a standing position and he did not penetrate.

I am worried that maybe one to two drops of 'pre-cum' might have got into me and caused conception. Will I get pregnant?

A I think you have a little anatomical confusion here. You are talking about your 'vaginal wall'. Well, your vaginal walls are inside you. You cannot see them from the outside. Certainly, if you got sperm into that region, you could be in big trouble.

But you said that your boyfriend 'did not penetrate'. You also stated that you are a virgin, so it does not seem like he was doing anything inside you. Therefore, I assume that he deposited this liquid outside you, rather than inside.

I do not know exactly what area of your body you are talking about, but my guess is that you mean the labia (lips), which make up most of the visible part of the female genitals. The visible part is called the 'vulva'.

Now, if you are saying that he got drops of fluid on your vulva, the danger is not quite so great as it would be if the drops went inside. But pregnancy is certainly possible. You will just have to hope that you do not conceive.

In future, please do not let your boyfriend put his penis anywhere near your sex organs. All young people should realise that it is awfully easy to get pregnant. That is why there are so many folks on this planet.

I feel you should now talk to a nurse or midwife who could tell you about female anatomy, about the dangers of conceiving, and, perhaps, about the possibilities of contraception. In the meantime, don't get yourself in this situation again.

Incidentally, I recently had a rather similar email to yours, describing much the same situation, but it was from a young man. Perhaps your boyfriend has also been emailing me?

Q Is it true that it is dangerous to use Vaseline as a sex lubricant?

A Well, it is dangerous to use Vaseline if you are employing a condom. This is because of the fact that the petroleum jelly can make little holes in rubber.

There are plenty of good purpose-designed sex lubricants around these days. They do not dissolve rubber. For instance, there is a widely used one called K-Y Jelly. Ask about it at your local pharmacy.

Q Doc, I am a guy in my late teens and, so far, I have never even kissed a girl. So, obviously, I have never had sex.

When I do start to have sexual relations with some young lady, I hope it will all go well, but I am a little nervous about it. To be more specific, Doctor, will the fact that I have masturbated cause problems with my ability to have intercourse?

A No, not at all, so you can quit fretting about that.

It seems like you need to know a little more about sex. Nowadays, there are a many Christian websites that offer good, sensible advice to teens. Just google the words 'teen', and 'sex' and 'Christian', and you will be offered a large selection (currently 21 million).

Q I am male, age 20, and I do not feel that my virility is good enough. I have noticed where it is now possible to buy male hormones online.

Should I get some, Doc?

A Definitely not. It is most unlikely that at age 20, you are lacking in male hormone. If you think that your sexual 'performance' isn't good enough, then go to a doctor and have him check you. He can also do a blood test to find out what your testosterone (male hormone) level is.

If by any chance it is low, he can prescribe some hormone tablets or skin gel for you, but please do not buy stuff from the Internet. You don't know what they would really be selling you, and it could be dangerous!

Q Hi, Doc. Could I get the Shot via the Internet?

A Certainly not. If you want to try the contraceptive jab, you must go and see a doctor and talk it over with her. Be very sure that you understand the possibility of side effects, particularly on the menses.

When she is satisfied that it would be suitable for you, she or her nurse will give you the injection in the buttocks.

Q Doctor, I am an athlete. I would like to know if it is OK to have sex before a sporting event?

My coach says no, and he is trying to prohibit me and my pals from having any kind of sex (including masturbation) for three days before a big event. Is he right?

A Well, there is surprisingly little scientific evidence concerning this question of sex before sport, but, traditionally, many coaches have tried to ban sexual activity before a big race or a big game.

However, in October, a research paper from Italy claimed that sex made no difference to an athlete's performance - unless he or she did it during the two hours immediately preceding sporting action.

I think that a ban of three days is excessive! Your coach cannot have any scientific evidence in support of that.

Q To settle an argument in our biology class, Doc, how long is a girl's vagina?

A Well, a young woman's vagina is usually around three inches long, although there are great individual


However, when she is sexually excited, the length of her vagina will probably expand to around 4.7 inches, and the vaginal tunnel can become much longer than that during sexual intercourse.

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