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Lucea’s Mayor to get new vehicle

Published:Monday | December 19, 2016 | 12:00 AMBryan Miller
Mayor of Lucea Sherridan Samuels (left) is all smiles while being robed by former Mayor Wynter McIntosh.


Although there is no specific budgetary provision in place to acquire a mayoral vehicle at this time, the Hanover Municipal Corporation will be embarking on laid out procedures to acquire a vehicle for its new chairman and mayor of Lucea, Councillor Sherridan Samuels.

A motion to give the chief executive officer of that corporation, David Gardner, permission to proceed in acquiring such a vehicle, was approved at a special council meeting held on Thursday, December 15, 2016, in Lucea, Hanover.

Gardner pointed out at the meeting that the norm is that the council would be expected to provide a suitable vehicle for the mayor, adding that the previous mayor, Wynter McIntosh, had opted to make his own private arrangement, which is an alternative that is possible. Hence, the council does not have a mayoral vehicle at this time.

Prior to McIntosh's tour of duty, the previous mayor, Shernett Haughton, had purchased the then mayoral vehicle. It was subsequently assessed by the government's Board of Survey and disposed of.

At the meeting, Mayor Samuels expressed the wish to be provided with a vehicle.

"What it means is that as a council, we would have to find a way, as far as is possible, to facilitate such a request, provided of course that this is an approved request coming from our general council," the corporation's CEO stated.

"What it means, as provided for under the law, is that we would have to seek the ministry's approval. Once we have approved it at council, we would have to do the necessary things to get the approval of the ministry to have the acquisition done. So if it is the will of the council to grant approval for the necessary measures to be put in place for the vehicle to be acquired, then we will do the necessary work, as provided for legally, to have the decision of the council effected," the CEO added.

A motion was presented to the general council for the request to be fulfilled and to give the CEO permission to pursue that option. All the councillors voted in favour of the motion.