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PM to start regular press conferences within three months

Published:Monday | December 19, 2016 | 1:06 PM
Prime Minister Andrew Holness

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has sought to explain that Prime Minister Andrew Holness will introduce in the next three months, regularly scheduled press conferences with the media.

It follows an appeal by the president of the Press Association of Jamaica, Dionne Jackson Miller in a letter to the Prime Minister on Friday.

This morning, Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, Naomi Francis sought to explain that the Prime Minister has a comprehensive communications strategy including a one-year plan that features scheduled press conferences.

But with almost nine months gone in the first year, why haven’t there been regularly scheduled press conferences?

"I'm not going to speak definitively to a strategy for the first nine months, I can tell you about the strategies that I have controll over and I am saying that for the first year certainly there would have been a press conference,"  said Francis who reminded that she joined the OPM in October.

She continued: "The first nine months were months to get things prepared and I am saying to you that certainly for the first year, it would be part of the strategy."

The PAJ president Dionne Jackson Miller has welcomed the commitment by the OPM to introduce regularly scheduled press conference within the next three months.


PAJ president Dionne Jackson Miller

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's Press Secretary says she was surprised at the PAJ with how it handled the matter, having only written to the Prime Minister on Friday.


Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Naomi Francis speaking with Damion Mitchell of The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre

However, the PAJ president says the matter was handled in a fair manner since it is not a sensitive issue.


PAJ president Dionne Jackson Miller