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Christmas Message | Jamaica Council of Churches - Remember need for God's forgiveness

Published:Monday | December 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Christmas is a time of joyful and cheerful celebration because of what God has done for the peoples of the Earth. God has revealed something of Himself; his love; his mercy; his faithfulness, and his greatness to the whole human race.

Our celebration of Christmas must therefore remind us of that time when
God in Christ became human, and entered our world in the form of a baby.

This is referred to as the incarnation.

Why then the celebration? We have every reason to celebrate. Before the
event of the incarnation, the world of humanity was declared to be in

Darkness symbolises ignorance, evil, and destruction.  The darkness of the human predicament was as a result of humanity's separation from God, due to sin. This separation brought about spiritual death; so humanity was without God and without hope. We were doomed for destruction.

In our hopeless and doomed situation, God in his infinite love, mercy,
and grace, sent His Son into the world of humanity to be the Saviour of
the world. He laid our sins on Him, and accepted His vicarious sacrifice
for our sins, thus providing for the forgiveness of our sins, our cleansing,
our transformation, and a new life, by the grace of God, through faith in
the Lord Jesus Christ.

The heart of the Christmas celebration and message lies in the fact that
God sent His Son into our world to be our Saviour.

There are many things happening in our society and the world at large
which many would love to see change, e.g., crime, violence, corruption,
wars, terrorism, human suffering etc. Radical and meaningful change in
behavior begins with Jesus Christ changing our heart.

Let our celebration of Christmas remind us of our need for God's forgiveness and salvation, and to be reconciled with Him in the way in which He has pointed out through the Gospel. Let us also be
mindful of God's requirement of us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves; to forgive one another, and to be reconciled with each other.

May the love, the joy, the good will and the peace of Christmas permeate our hearts and lives this Christmas day and onwards.