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172 companies taken to court for failing to file annual returns

Published:Tuesday | December 27, 2016 | 8:26 AM

The Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) is reporting that 172 companies have been taken before the courts for failing to file annual returns from the last financial year to date.

Additionally, it says 316 companies are awaiting court dates.

The office says data also indicates that most of the companies on the delinquent list operate in the Corporate Area. 

According to the Companies Officer, during the same 87 companies have, through application, been restored to its register.

Under the law, business owners should file annual returns with the company's office on or before the anniversary date of their last annual return or on the anniversary of the incorporation of the company for first time filers.

The COJ says it has established a help desk to assist company officers who have not yet filed their 2016 or previous years’ returns.