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Steve Lyston | Change your focus for 2017

Published:Wednesday | December 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM

We have come to the close of the year and are on the verge of a new one, and we need now to give God thanks despite the challenges we have faced in 2016.

Many have gone through pain, delay, disappointment and even loss of loved ones, but we must remain grateful to the One Who created us all. Many from the start of the year made resolutions; some we gained, some we lost. Each of us has our season that we go through, and sometimes, these seasons come to strengthen our faith and change our focus and priority. The time has come for us to evaluate our list, check off what was accomplished and what was not, and formulate a new list of goals for the year ahead.

Believe by faith that for those things that did not come to pass in 2016, there is an opportunity for them to happen in 2017. God is faithful and He always keeps His promises. It is us as human beings that have the tendency to not keep our promises. When we are reviewing our 2016, let us do an honest evaluation and identification of our shortfalls.

We need to ask, 'What are the shortfalls and what can we do differently to bring change?'

In order to bring change, we first must change. Many times, people make resolutions and are unwilling to change although they need a change! 'Was I a good steward of the little with which God entrusted me?' 'Did I manage my money and time properly?' 'Did I use the gifts and talents God has given me to bring positive change to someone else's life?' 'Did I volunteer to help my community?' 'Did I go to the House of the Lord faithfully this year?' 'Was God first in my life; did I spend enough time with Him this year?' 'After I got that new job/promotion, did I give God thanks?' What were the things that stressed you out in 2016? What areas were/who was your greatest focus?


Moving Forward


Going forward, we need to now change our focus:

- We must manage our time even better.

- We need to invest in those people who make us happy.

- We need to cut off those that suck our energy without valuing our time.

- We need to place a value on ourselves and set the value standard for those around us.

- We need to build ourselves an inner circle of good, strong supporters.

Then pray and ask the Lord to reveal to you the times and seasons and what needs to be done in 2017. Ask Him what your focus for the year ahead must be, and we have to change our focus toward that. Oftentimes, we believe that the year we enter will be like the year we are leaving behind, and it is not so. For some things to change, there must be the internal change to receive the external changes. For example, you may need your finance to increase, your healing and your relationship within your family to change, but your answer may lie in your committing yourself to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Maybe we also have to change the way we eat and maintain it so that we can have a better quality of life. Some will need to stop 'shacking up', because our bodies are the temple of the Lord.

There needs to be greater focus on the children and their welfare and education; who influences them, who is their focus, what are their values, what are they watching? As parents, we must manage. It is not the responsibility of the Government to manage our children. it is ours.

Stop unnecessary spending. God wants each person to own a debt-free house.

Seek God first in 2017, not the social media and the opinions shared there. It is not FOX News, CNN, TVJ, CVM or market conditions that should be the determining factors for our decision-making. Judge all things to see whether or not it lines up with what God is saying to you.

Never try to change or appease anyone, only God can do that. Please God and God will please the people.

The voices with which you surround yourself will determine your success in 2017. There are many voices out there and many 'truths' out there, but only one real truth. Many ways, but only one is the right way.

A Happy New Year to all.