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Hope battles despair in St Thomas

Published:Thursday | December 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Some residents of St Thomas are remaining positive that with the new year will come fresh hope for their individual communities and parish at large.

Others though, have giving up on the place they call home.

Among the changes some residents of the eastern parish would like to see in 2017 are an improvement in infrastructure and youth involvement.

Shanice Scott of Knightsville said:

"We need good roads, that's the most important thing for the parish right now. Other than that, the water problem needs fixing.

There's also the need for a community centre. We used to have one at Southaven. Mi nuh see nothing a gwaan there now. We need more activities that include members of the community such as clubs. We just need more things to involve people. We need some factories too. Yallahs used to have a nice one once. Not even surfing happen there anymore."

Brandon Jerman of the Trinityville community, said: "Honestly, there is so much and no more that can happen to Trinityville. There is nothing much there to do. Nearly 90 per cent of my generation has left the community. I think it's too far off the main and the roads are beyond deplorable. There's nothing there to do."

He continued: "For 2017, I would like to see both the local and central government unite and fix the poor conditions of the road. It's been too long."

Tamalcia Johnson of Prospect said: "Considering I'm from St Thomas, many people would expect me to say I'd want good roads, a KFC and stoplights. But as unorthodox as it may sound, my focus is the people. The East Prospect community has become only a concept, an idea. As opposed to several years ago when I just moved here, it is not the reality. Division is the order of the day, no one knows each other and socialisation is greatly reduced. The change I'd wish to see then, is one from division to unity; from segregation to integration. My wish for East Prospect is togetherness."