Sat | May 30, 2020

New drugs for Arthritis and major depression added to NHFCARD programme

Published:Thursday | December 29, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The National Health Fund (NHF) says cardholders are to benefit from the addition of new drugs for the treatment of Arthritis and Major Depression.

The changes became effective December 8.

These include:

* Simponi Injection 50mg-0.5mL with the active ingredient Golimumab with a subsidy of $105,896.05 per injection;

* Actemra Injection with active ingredient Tocilizumab with a subsidy of $27,568.00 per 200mg-10mL  injection;

* $11,027.20 per 80mg-4mL injection has been added for the treatment of Arthritis.

For Major Depression, Cymbalta capsules with the active ingredient Duloxetine Controlled Release with a subsidy of $124.20 per 60mg capsule and with a subsidy of $62.10 per 30mg capsule has been added.

A complete drug list and subsidies paid by the National Health Fund are available from NHF participating pharmacies, the NHF website or by calling NHF (1-888-NHF-CARE).