Thu | Mar 22, 2018

'Teach ethics in schools to help reduce corruption in Jamaica'

Published:Thursday | December 29, 2016 | 2:08 PM

Head of the Revenue Protection Division, Major Johanna Lewin, is calling for ethics courses to be introduced in Jamaican schools to help reduce the corruption she says is endemic in the society.

Lewin was speaking on Independent Talk on Power 106 FM this morning about the use of fraudulent driver's licences by some drivers.

She says the issue of fake documents is a real problem in Jamaica with persons using the documents to circumvent insurance requirements, among other things.

She says resocialisation of Jamaicans is needed.


Head of the Revenue Protection Division, Major Johanna Lewin

Lewin also believes the introduction of a national identification system will help to reduce the production of fake documents.

The RPD is also moving to put in place more security features on the drivers’ licence, but has not said when the changes will be made.