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Body Forte changing lives one stretch at a time

Published:Friday | December 30, 2016 | 12:00 AMKeisha Hill
Summer Lopez in her element

Physiotherapy, considered a key component in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from certain conditions resulting from accidents and diseases has over the years worked wonders for many persons. When combined with pilates, patients not only resume regular activities, but stabilise and strengthen their core with simple but precise and controlled techniques.

Physiotherapy and pilates are offered at Body Forte, aptly named because the aim and objective, according to owner Summer Lopez, is to fortify the entire mind and body. Lopez, who studied physiotherapy in the United States and began practising there, came to Jamaica when her Jamaican husband decided to return home.

"I wondered what I would do here in Jamaica. I basically thought of doing what I love doing and came to Jamaica and started doing physiotherapy enhanced with pilates. Our uniqueness is what makes us stand out because we ensure that each patient gets individual attention. If a patient is booked for one hour, then that entire time is dedicated to that patient," Lopez said.

Lopez indicated that when she started the business, it was difficult to introduce physiotherapy enhanced with pilates as an option for recovery. However, people's perception has evolved over time. Today, even many members of the medical fraternity are open to a combination of both methods.




"Our aim is to promote health and wellness. While we are effective at treating illness, we also want to promote the concept of preventing these illnesses from happening. Patients get stronger, gain flexibility and also have better posture and a better sense of well-being," Lopez said.

Body Forte specialises in the management of orthopaedic, sport and spine-related injuries, exercise and education to restore function.

"We bring the movement world and the medical world together," Lopez said.

Having started in a rented room in a gym, the business later relocated to the Barbican Business Centre in St Andrew and has taken on new team members. However, with a growing number of clients and a need for space, Lopez and her team are in the process of relocating to the Sovereign Commercial Centre, also in St Andrew, come January.

"We have a client who is in her 80s who journeyed from Clarendon and came for back therapy. After her treatment was completed, she has continued with pilates. We are serious about what we do. We are organising ourselves so that our clients can be more comfortable during their therapy," Lopez said.

The studio, which has been operating in Jamaica since 2009, helps patients recover faster with longer-lasting results and prevent re-injury, according to Lopez.

"We enhance people's lives by helping them move better, feel better, function better. We want them to function at their highest possible functional level," she said.

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