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Doctor's Advice | When will our baby be born?

Published:Saturday | December 31, 2016 | 5:14 AM

Q Hi, Doctor. My fiance and me are planning to start a baby by having sex during the Christmas holidays. But if we got lucky, when would it be born, please?

A Well, the best way to work it out is to look at the date of the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).

To this date, you should add NINE MONTHS and ONE WEEK. So, if your last menses started on (say) December 10th, adding nine months and one week to that would give you a delivery date of about September 17th   2017.

Similarly, if your last period began on December 15th, then your likely date of delivery would be around September 22nd.

Please bear in mind that these calculations can only be approximate! Babies arrive when they are good and ready, and it is impossible to predict the date with absolute certainty. But most pickneys arrive within a week or so of the estimated date of delivery (EDD).

When you have actually become pregnant, your midwife will be able to give you a better idea of what the likeliest EDD will be.
Q My girlfriend (age 18) and I have only just started having sex. We were both virgins. So far, she has not reached an orgasm.

Doc, do you think there is anything wrong with her? Should I purchase a vibrator immediately?

A I am sure there is nothing wrong with your girlfriend. It is important for guys to realise that many young women take time to learn how to ‘discharge.’ Sometimes the process of learning to climax may take many months.

Please just be gentle and understanding with her, and don’t ty to pressure her into having orgasms.
If you don’t know how to do the sort of ‘love play’ that gives women climaxes, then look it up on the net.

Frankly, I can see very little point in buying a vibrator when you are both so young. But if your girlfriend likes the idea, you could purchase one quite cheaply through the net.
Q For around two weeks, I have been bleeding from the vagina after sex, doc. I am 19.

Could this be cancer?

A That is real unlikely at age 19. But I feel you should have an internal check-up carried out by a doc.

She should be able to tell you what the cause of the blood loss is. Very possibly, it is just a little cut sustained during sex. Quite often, inexperienced young men cause such cuts with their fingernails.
Q I am female, age 20. I have not had sex yet, but that will change next week!  I am interested in going on the Pill, doc

If I start taking it on the evening when I first have sex, right after we finish, would I be protected?

A No! Do NOT do this. It will not work.

Ideally, you should start your first pack of the Pill on the first day of your menses. If you do that, you will be protected right away.
Q Doc, I have met a guy of 18 who assures me that he is ‘sterile.’ He claims he was told this by his doctor.

Because of that, he says it would be safe for me to have sex with him, and that there would be ‘no risk’ of pregnancy. Can I believe him?

A No. This guy is almost certainly telling you lies.

Why would he be ‘sterile,’ unless he had had some serious disease of the testicles – or perhaps a terrible injury to his genitals?

It is almost unthinkable that a doc would inform an 18 year old guy that he is ‘sterile.’ The doctor could not possibly know this without doing lab tests.

So I guess that this young man is trying to trick you into bed with his tale of ‘sterility.’ Please pay him no mind.
Q Last week, for the first time in my life I went to bed with a woman. She was rather older than me, doc –around 25. She was highly experienced in sexual matters, and to my surprise she actually had some condoms in a drawer by her bed! She insisted that I wear one during sex with her.

Well, everything was real nice. But half an hour or so afterwards, I began to feel an intense itching and soreness in the skin of my penis. It actually swelled up for a couple of hours, which was real frightening. There were a couple of little blisters.  I happen to know a nurse, so I asked her what was wrong and she told me where I had an ‘allergy to rubber.’

Is this possible?

A Yes, it’s very probable. Or you could be allergic to some other ingredient in the condom, such as a spermicide.

It is not possible to CURE this type of allergy. So in future, if you buy condoms you should go for a ‘Low-Allergy’ or ‘Latex-Free’ brand. Your local pharmacy may well have these. Or you could purchase them through the internet.
Q Doctor, I am female, age 21. And I love a guy who is currently working in England. But something AWFUL has happened to him.

This morning I had a text from his pal to say my boyfriend has been rushed into hospital with real bad pain in the testicle. The docs said it is some kind of  ‘twisting.’ And they are going to operate on him!

Will he be all right? Will he be able to have sex afterwards? And will we be able to have children one day – which I very much want?

A Try not to fret. I am sure everything will be OK.

Sounds like your boyfriend has developed something called ‘torsion of the testicle.’ The word ‘torsion’ means ‘twisting.’

Torsion is quite common in men under the age of 25. What happens is that the testicle gets turned round inside the scrotum. As a result, the cord which supplies the testicle with blood becomes TWISTED. That cuts off the blood supply to the ‘ball.’

When this happens, it is extremely painful. The guy has to be taken to hospital as an emergency. Generally, the surgeons will operate as fast as possible. What they do is to ‘un-twist’ the testicle. That restores the blood supply.

So the odds are that you boyfriend will be absolutely fine. Yes, he will be able to have sex with you. And yes, you two should be able to have children. So be of good cheer!
Q We are a young couple, aged 20 and 21. And we are planning to get married next year, doc.

But so far, we have been unable to have intercourse. This is surprising, because we are both real keen on sex! However, it seems like the penis just will not go in.

Could the problem be a ‘thick hymen?’
A Well, a ‘thick hymen’ is not too common. But I feel it is time for the two of you to go and see a gyno, or else any doc who is experienced in sexual matters.

She will check to see if there is a physical problem.  But it may just be that the vaginal muscles are ‘tightening up’ a little whenever time the two of you try to have sex. Good luck!

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