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Road fatalities decline in 2016, Safety Unit projects further decrease

Published:Wednesday | January 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport is reporting that the country saw a decline in road crashes and fatalities in 2016.

The Unit says last year it recorded 320 accidents in which 377 people were killed.

In 2015, the country recorded 382 road fatalities.

The Road Safety Unit says of the 377 fatalities in 2016, 122 were drivers and passengers of private motor vehicles.

The Unit notes that most of these road users were not wearing their seatbelts and therefore urging these persons to adhere to road safety measures.

Looking ahead, the Unit is projecting the road fatalities for 2017 are estimates to decrease by 15 per cent when compared with 2016.

It is projecting 322 deaths this year.

Meanwhile, the Unit says so far it has recorded three road fatalities.

It says of the three persons, two were pedestrians and the other a motorcyclist.