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Away with abuse! Clarendon women to get self-defence training

Published:Thursday | January 5, 2017 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell Livingston

MAY PEN, Clarendon:

Last December saw an upsurge in the brutal killings of women and this move has prompted the Clarendon Youth Information Centre to host a self-defence workshop for women on January 14 at the centre.

Youth Empowerment Officer Chevelle Campbell told Rural Xpress that the workshop is their way of tackling domestic violence.

"The discussion around gender-based violence was getting bigger and I realised that women needed information and education. They needed education to become self-sufficient while some needed education on how to get help and where," said Campbell.

She said she wanted women to get the statistics on gender-based violence in Jamaica and to be aware of the 'red lights' in situations that could become dangerous.

Campbell said the workshop is a mean of empowering women so that they can assert their strengths and realise their capabilities.

"I wanted also, for them to be able to defend themselves if they ever found themselves in certain situations," she said.

Campbell said the workshop will not only include self-defence training, but will have a discussion forum as well as motivational sessions for them.

On board to empower women on that day will be WeChange. Campbell said they are ideal as they have done studies on initiatives aimed at ending gender-based violence.

"They will be sharing statistics, point out vulnerabilities as well as let women know where they can get help," she said.

Self-defence training will be done by Senpai Donovan Laing and his team.

This area hold a lot of attraction for the women as according to Campbell, since the workshop was announced, the response has been very good.

"Women want to learn to defend themselves for numerous reasons and I am sure we will find a lot of them on the day of the workshop," said Campbell, adding that they are anticipating an awesome day on January 14.