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Blind man pleads for help to regain sight

Published:Thursday | January 5, 2017 | 3:06 AMTamara Baileys

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

He found much comfort in his life as a mini mart supervisor and a father who ably cared for his five-year-old son, but just in a matter of months, Antonio Evans' life changed completely when he lost his vision.

It was just a regular day for Evans, fulfilling his duties at work when someone enquired about the redness of his eyes.

He hadn't noticed it before but thought it may be something minor. Little did he know that this was a sign that something had gone terribly wrong.

"I went to an opthalmologist who couldn't say exactly what it was, he said it seemed to be 'mutton fat' but over time,my vision became worse and I knew I had to find someone else," Evans told Rural Xpress.

In January 2015, Evans was diagnosed with paneuvitis, a generalised inflammation of not only the whole of the uvula track, but also the retina and vitreous humour.

With the numerous visits he had to make to the doctor, Evans was soon relieved of his position at work.

"Things really started getting bad, I couldn't even buy food and my vision was getting worse as the condition caused me to develop cataract, which is now at stage two ... my mom didn't even know of this because I didn't want to be a bother to her knowing she can't afford it from her days work pay, but after a while I had to tell her and she started helping me out," Evans told Rural Xpress.




In September of 2015, he was scheduled for surgery to be done on his right eye with plans for a second surgery in a few months later, but due to the unavailability of funds, the second surgery has not yet happened.

"The surgery costs $600,000 buy my ophthalmologist has agreed to cut it to $300,000, but it is not easy to come up with that amount," said Evans.

The young father says life as a blind man has become extremely depressing and even thoughts of suicide have plagued his mind.

"Them thoughts deh come in my mind, but me haffi listen music and keep remind me self that somebody out there a face it harder. It's not easy though sitting at home all day from the living room to the veranda for months," he lamented.

With a tear stained face and a trembling voice, a heartbroken Evans says even if he can only fix one eye, he'll be grateful for having a chance to work for his son and see him grow up.

"I am pleading to anyone out there who can help, even if it's one eye, so I can move around and help meself and take care of my son. I mean just the thought of him growing up and me cyan see him or hearing people and you want to see them and you can't see them face, it really mess with you mentally. I don't know how I do it, me jus feel like the world finish with me, but at the same time me haffi just hold it and tell myself say one day me must see, one day, one day," said Evans.

Donations may be made to the Antonio Evans Support Fund, National Commercial Bank (NCB) AC# 304811765 or he may be contacted at (876) 469-9067.