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Several Portland businesses operating without contracted garbage disposal providers

Published:Thursday | January 5, 2017 | 3:54 PM
In this file photo, waste, including plastic bottles are dumped in this river near Boundbrook in Portland.

The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) is reporting that just over half the number of businesses in the Portland capital have no contractual agreement with a waste disposal entity to remove their garbage.

In recent weeks, the Port Antonio Mayor, Paul Thompson, has been raising concern about the improper disposal of garbage in the town by business operators.

So earlier this week NSWMA investigators went to Portland to probe the extent of the problem involving business operators in the town centre without the facility for garbage disposal.

Under the law the commercial operators may be fined.

The NSWMA says the operators will be carefully monitored and subsequent follow-up operations are planned for Port Antonio and its environs.

During a meeting with commercial operators this week, the NSWMA executive director Audley Gordon appealed for a return to civic pride and emphasised the need to containerise solid waste.

He also said there were potential public health risks when this is not.