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Bar association yet to form position on attorneys' visa cancellations

Published:Wednesday | January 4, 2017 | 12:00 AMRomario Scott

Sheri-Ann McGregor, president of the usually vocal The Jamaican Bar Association, says she is in no position to comment on the recent revocation of the visas of two high-profile attorneys.

Last week, news came that for undisclosed reasons, the United States had revoked the non-immigrant visas of Minett Lawrence and

Patrick Bailey, attorneys representing embattled telecommunications company Caricel.

But speaking with The Gleaner yesterday, McGregor said the Bar association's council has formed no opinion on the matter.

"I have no position to advance in respect of the Bar at this time, because I have no position that has been formulated by the council," the president said.


She further said it was a matter that she would be commenting on "as soon as I know what the council's position is".

The president said while she would not comment on the issue, it was one that she was observing.

"It is always difficult to comment on any issue when all the facts are not known, and especially when the issue relates to a matter that is still pending before the court," she said.

She said the next meeting of the Bar council would be on the 16th of this month, but pointed out that the association could form a position on the matter before that date.

"It is not as if we are saying we have to wait until the Bar meets on the 16th to have a position. If we have a position earlier than that, which is possible and likely, then it will be known," the president said.

Bert Samuels, another attorney representing Caricel, has declared that he would be fearless in defending the company and that the revocation of visas of attorneys by the US does not faze him.

"We will be fearless and we will move forward with representing our clients as attorneys because we have a sworn duty," The Gleaner, on Wednesday, reported the attorney as saying.