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Five years and counting - Transformed Life Church celebrates half a decade of spreading the gospel

Published:Friday | January 6, 2017 | 11:02 PM
TLC fathers get briefed and ready for the paintball shooting course on Fathers' Day 2016.
Sandro Pelicie conducts a baptism in 2012.
TLC congregants plant a tree on Labour Day 2016 at Martha's House children's home.
Vaughn Johnson, Homer Wilson & Alfred Thomas enjoy a game of pool at IronMen 2016.
From left: Elder Paul, wife Andrea, Pastors Dwight and Joan, Elder Jean-Claude and wife Marsha during ordination of the two elders last year.
Outreach Ministry Christmas Treat at Dare to Care Children's Home.

The pulsating rhythm from the drum and bass; the people milling around; the smiles and uproarious laughter; the ebb and flow of chatter, the rise and fall of voices in praise. The words of encouragement from the stage ... the feeling that you don't want to leave this place or for this moment to end. You wish it could go on because anything this good should last longer. This is the church, this is our church, this is Transformed Life Church (TLC).

Yes, in a little corner of our metropolis, is a growing movement that has captured the attention and the hearts of many. It has everyone talking about the Naked Truth of the gospel, experiencing 3600 forgiveness, wanting to Step Up to a call that will cause them to be Restored and to walk as Contagious Christians.

At TLC, Transforming Lives, Transforming Love, Transforming Community, is not just a philosophy, it is the reality of Christ's love taught in a practical and applicable way and manifested in people's lives and the community. At TLC, people are experiencing personal healing encounters with God and doing life together in groups. They are being encouraged to serve and love others through servant evangelism - random acts of kindness expressing the love of God.

Founding Pastors Dwight and Joan Fletcher answered the call of God to plant a church that is 'an international church located in Kingston, Jamaica,' They began in 2011 with monthly preview services, moving to regular weekly Sunday services following an official launch on January 8, 2012. Five years into the fulfilment of their 'Joshua call' their testimony has evolved from 'see what God can do through us' to 'look what God is doing through us.'

TLC exemplifies the nations motto 'Out of many one people,' attracting people from all walks of life, backgrounds and persuasions, and exhibiting the glory of God by its unity in diversity. This congregation has come to be known for its family atmosphere, its love and nurture and the relevance of the message preached. It's no wonder that 'yaad and abroad' people are becoming familiar with the acronym T.L.C.

Taking a 'Wi Love Strong' approach to doing church has significantly impacted how local church life and proceedings are perceived by many.

"This is a deliberate step for us," says Pastor Dwight, "as we live in the most pained generation of all times and as a local body, we want to respond in such a way that makes people see that the gospel and the love of Christ is applicable and relevant to every area of their life for their healing and restoration."

At TLC, opportunities to serve, grow and connect are readily available to everyone whether a Christian newly born into the kingdom or for someone who is searching and has not yet decided to make the step into salvation.

TLC's love has been spread abroad to Cuba, it is also a part of the Life Church network in the USA and affiliated with other evangelistic networks locally and abroad.

On the eve of its five year celebrations, TLC is poised to continue its transformation in individual lives and community as it recently launched its debut music album Wi Love Strong from its worship collective -LIFESONG.

Happy fifth anniversary TLC!