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Valley of Light Ministries seeks to liberate people through the gospel

Published:Saturday | January 7, 2017 | 12:09 AM
Pastor Lazree Davis, founder of the Valley of Light International Ministries in Clarendon.

Pastor Lazree Davis of the Valley of Light International Ministries in Palmers Cross, Clarendon, says he got a calling to form a ministry to bring liberation to people through the gospel.

"Our vision at Valley of Light International Ministries is to bring liberation to people through the gospel of Jesus Christ; helping people to fulfil their destiny because I believe every person has a God-given purpose in life. But one has to know what their purpose is and how to carry out that purpose" he said, adding that he also believes in having wisdom and knowledge as one cannot exist without the other.

Formally of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church where he served for 10 years as a pastor before he resigned, Pastor Davis explained that he moved back to his my hometown to do ministry.

"It came as a result of a call from God to go back to my own people and to minister unto them. We are into restoration and deliverance in terms of restoring people's lives and bringing them to a place of deliverance. It doesn't matter the situation they are in because we believe that through the gospel people can be delivered," he said.

The church started in Chatteau then moved to its present location at the corner of Rosewell Road (upstairs the mini mart).

"When we started in Chatteau two years ago, we started from nothing. I just pitched a tent in the area and used my resources and people gave in the crusade and that helped to offset the some of the costs. So after the crusade that's how the church really started with five persons who came to Christ during that time."

The ministry began to grow exponentially and within a month after renting a room they had to move again.

"I went to My Father's Place where I erected a tarpaulin until we planted posts and added a covering until we left there about a month ago and moved to our current location at Rosewell Road, which is a bigger and more convenient place than being in the open on the dirt outside," he told Family and Religion.

Despite not having all things in place, Pastor Davis says he has a vision and the church is still a work-in-progress.




"We have to put some things in place and to get where we want, we need chairs and other furniture items to get the right ambience. We are renting now; it's not permanent, but we are just praying God help us to locate a permanent home for the ministry."

He added that his ministry will bring liberation through education, spiritual and social activities that takes on a holistic approach, which will not only be physical but also spiritual.

Pastor Davis, who has been ministering since he was 19 years old, indicated that this ministry is not just a 'hurry come up church' but one that is truly genuine. "We are here to stay because the call is authentic and we are in it for the long run. We are not just living for today but what we are doing will have a lasting impact into eternity. We are still trying to ferment our ministry as we seek to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ that saves and transforms lives.

"We are into outreach and we encourage persons to support us in whatever way they can; we are trying to go back to our homework programme and music classes all of which we did for free. We are planning to have monthly conferences to build people the first of which will be on 22nd of January and we hope to train some people and bring them to a level where they can serve. We are not sitting around as we believe in helping ourselves, so help us in every way you can help us so we can help others (contact: