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Hampton students want principal to remain in position

Published:Monday | January 9, 2017 | 1:24 PM
In this file photo, students of the Hampton School in Malvern, St Elizabeth, gather in the schoolyard.

Despite calls for the dismissal of the principal of the Hampton School over her appearance at the bail hearing of the Moravian pastor on sex charges, her students want her to remain on the job.

Principal Heather Murray is reported to have attempted to block a Gleaner photographer trying to capture images of the 64-year-old pastor Rupert Clarke, as he left court.

At the reopening of school for the Easter term this morning, Murray apologised to the girls at Hampton for her actions.

IN PHOTO: Principal Heather Murray

She reportedly sought to outline an exit strategy.

However, chairman of the Hampton school board, Trevor Blake, said students were not happy with that announcement.

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He says he had to intervene to reassure them their principal is going nowhere.


Chairman of the Hampton school board, Trevor Blake.

Blake says Murray is well loved and respected by the students.


Chairman of the Hampton school board, Trevor Blake.

Meanwhile, Blake says a process has been initiated for resolving the issues associated with the incident.

He says the board will not be commenting on further aspects of the matter until after it completes a complete report for the minister of education.

It is understood that this morning’s apology is part of the process initiated by the board.

In a statement last week, Murray said she went to court to support the wife of the pastor.

However, it has since emerged that the wife was not at court.

A group calling itself Jamaicans United Against Domestic Violence and Child Abuse has started a petition calling for the dismissal of the principal.