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Clarendon, St Thomas cabbies to continue protest

Published:Tuesday | January 10, 2017 | 9:55 AM
Students could be seen walking to school yesterday in St Thomas where protesting taxi operators blocked the road with trees.

Several southern Clarendon taxi operators have vowed to continue their protest today over poor road conditions in sections of Vere, Dawkins Pen and Lionel Town.

Yesterday, scores of taxi operators peacefully protested along the Vere main road complaining that the authorities have ignored their appeals to repair the roads.

The head of the Vere Taxi Association, Fredrick Bryan, said the bad roads have resulted in losses for taxi operators in income and mechanic fees.

He also wants the Members of Parliament for Clarendon's southern communities to help.


Head of the Vere Taxi Association, Fredrick Bryan

In St Thomas, the police say they will continue to monitor the Port Morant Main Road following yesterday's protect also over poor road conditions.

The National Works Agency had to be called in to clear some of the blocked roads.

Before that though, scores of students had to walk for several kilometres to get to get to school.