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MP questions why gov't wants to spend an additional $2.9b on military ships and aircraft

Published:Thursday | January 12, 2017 | 9:40 AM
Fitz Jackson

Opposition Member Fitz Jackson is demanding to know why the Government wants to spend an additional $2.9 billion on getting ships and aircraft for the military which will not immediately curb rising murders.

The military's budget is not discussed publicly but the ships and aircraft are expected boost border security and the drug and gun smuggling fight.

Financial Secretary, Everton McFarlane, yesterday led a team from the finance ministry to Parliament to face questions from the Public Administration and Appropriations Committee which is examining the revised budget tabled on Tuesday.

Jackson questioned why the extra money was not added to help get resources to make an immediate mark on crime fighting.


Opposition PAAC member, Fitz Jackson

The financial secretary, who was also representing the security ministry, said he would get answers for the PAAC by next week Tuesday.

The revised budget proposes to increase the original budget approved last May by $13 billion. 

Almost $6 billion of that increase will be going national security ministry.

The revised budget also shows a $49 million savings on gas for the police but Phillip Paulwell argued that the savings was due to the lack of vehicles.